About Us

LingCare is an Australian Government-approved Aged Care Service Provider for Residential, Home and Flexible Care

Our team has extensive medical, healthcare,
allied health, and aged care experience. We
pride ourselves on being able to cater to people
of diverse cultural and language backgrounds,
including non-English speaking clients and
their families.

Responsive Care That Goes Above and Beyond

Our reliable, skilled, multicultural staff is always
ready to provide friendly, quality aged care
service. Every member in our team believes in
giving genuine support to improve the wellbeing
of each client.

Always There to Help

We provide a wide range of services to help clients
in their daily living. From transport to nursing care,
we bring our years of experience to help you
achieve wellness.

Our Values and Mission

LingCare values mutual respect, teamwork,
accountability and integrity. We provide friendly,
quality professional aged care services that give
our clients a high level of care.

Corporate Governance

LingCare Board consists of members who are prominent, experienced and associated with aged care services, medical practice, legal expertise, financial management and accounting systems. LingCare complies with the obligations and responsibilities of an approved provider.

LingCare Board

Dr Alex Liew MBBS, PhD

Dr Liew has been involved in primary healthcare in Australia for the past 40 years,
including geriatrics, palliative care, mental health and general medicine.

He has established a multidisciplinary aged care team in the Adelaide metropolitan area involving medical, allied health and nursing professionals.

Jeremy Moore LLB

Jeremy Moore believes that those who need home care are entitled to help from friendly, respectful and competent people.

Jeremy was the President of the Guardianship Board of South Australia for 7 years from 2008 until 2015.

He is a practising lawyer and mediator with 37 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors. He ran his own successful law firm and has extensive commercial experience.

Jeremy has significant board experience as well as a successful background in risk analysis, risk management, strategic business planning, governance, legislative compliance, advocacy and change management.

Bruce Liew B Biotech

Bruce Liew believes everybody, no matter what language they speak, what culture they’re from, is entitled to live their life to the full.

Bruce has extensive experience in administration, human resource management and innovative medical research and development.

He has been involved in developing organisational management policies and procedures that incorporate the translation of English into Chinese and other languages for effective dissemination of information.

Wayne Henson​ BEc

Wayne Henson believes that solid accounting and management systems are fundamental to any enterprise.

Wayne is the principal of Henson Lloyd Chartered Accountants, specialising in accounting, taxation, commercial and business services.

He has been involved in the accounting profession since 1986. Operating in South Australia and Victoria, Wayne has been providing outstanding business and financial planning expertise.

Wayne’s company provides accounting and financial governance systems for LingCare.